NT-MDT and Spectrum Instruments are excited to announce a free workshop in Berlin on Thursday  25th February in the Crowne Plaza Berlin City Centre Hotel on the techniques of AFM, Raman, SNOM and TERS.

In addition to the talks we will be able to provide and demonstrate measurements on the modular NTEGRA and TITANIUM devices and will be providing demonstrations on key devices alongside exciting external speakers.

With talks from Dr. Sergei Magonov, Prof. Svetlana Santer, Prof. Sylvia Speller, Dr. Vyacheslav Polyakov and Artem Shelaev,  and workshops such as,

  • Advanced Electrical measurements using new AFM controller with integrated 5 lock-in amplifiers;
  • Nonresonance technique (mechanical properties and topography) using the unique Hybrid  Mode;
  • Unique integrated AFM/Confocal/Raman/SNOM system/ TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering, nano Raman) applications;
  • Introduction of the New development – nano IR system;
  • System for automated AFM measurements with unique Revolution Multiprobe Cartridge System (TITANIUM);
  • New generation of the Novel AFM controller.

This workshop is Free of Charge for all attendees

Please contact to Ms. Sinéad Quinn at quinn@ntmdt.ie or Dr. Dmitry Kozodaev at kozodaev@ntmdt.eu to confirm your attendance.