Workshop Announcement Rome Italy 2016

NT-MDT is excited to announce an upcoming workshop for its Italian customers to be held in Rome, Italy June 17th 2016. The Workshop will be held at the GRAND HOTEL PALATINO, Rome, Italy ,June 17th 2016 focusing on techniques of AFM, Raman and Techniques of Advanced AFM, Super resolution imaging – Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS).
During this workshop our well renowned Dr. Sergey Magonov (CEO of NT-MDT America) will present a talk on Compositional imaging of complex materials with atomic force microscopy. Dr Sergey Lemeshko will also present a talk on Reliable TERS probes based on Si-cantilevers for nanoRaman imaging and nano-IR sSNOM.

In addition to the talks we will be able to provide and demonstrate measurements on the Ntegra Platform, and TITANIUM devices.
Participation at the Workshop is free of charge for all attendees.

For our Italian customers who are interested in attending please contact either Ms. Sinéad Quinn or Dr. Sergey Lemeshko to confirm your attendance.